On-site Training

You know, trained and competent professionals are critical to efficiency of your  organization. However, travel expenses and time away from the
office often limit who can attend training. So the question is, how do you provide relevant training to your professionals without emptying your budget?

Private, on-site training is the perfect option for organizations that you need a cost-effective solution to train a large number of employees all at once. The cost of per participant would be lower than the cost to join an announced training program on open enrolment by Seven Skills. You can tailor the content to your specific needs, and class would be scheduled as per your schedule, not ours. We also work with you to meet your schedule and location requirements minimizing time away from work for your key staff.

Benefits of On-site Training
Cost Savings
Onsite training eliminates travel expenses and reduces time away from the office. And typically the cost par participant is around 40% less than the cost of individual registrations to join our announced program.

 Tailored Curriculum and Delivery
Our consultants will work with you to deliver specific course contents to focus on your unique business needs, adjusting topics especially if time is a constraint and you only have a limited time for course delivery.

Dedicated Resource Person / Trainer
 A dedicated professional Resource Person / Trainer would be assigned to fulfill your specific training needs based on your business objectives.