Upcoming Training

You can register for the following upcoming trainings . . . . .

Project Management and Professional (PMP®)


Training Workshop on Project Management Professional (PMP®) Certification.

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Village Development Planning


Training Workshop on “Village Development Planning” October 24-26,.

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Communication Coordination & Leadership Skills

Training Workshop on  Communication, Coordination & Leadership Skills.

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Project Planning & Proposal Writing


Training Workshop on  Project Planning & Proposal Writing.

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Training Workshop on SPSS & AMOS October 06-07,.

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Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS)


Training Workshop on Statistical Package for Social Science.

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Advanced Report Writing Skills


Training Workshop on  Advanced Report Writing and Skills.

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Advanced MS Excel


Training Workshop on Advanced MS Excel October 03-04, 2018.

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Our Web Expertise

Based on our extensive experience and competitive professional software developers team for application and web development, we offer you to acquire our services that includes but not limited to the following tools . . . . . .

Seven Skills – Perfect Responsive Web Design (PRWD)

You may know, Perfect Responsive Web Design (PRWD) breaks the fixed canvas of traditional online website layouts. We make designs that change to suit the size and device they are viewed on. You know, the world has become so much advanced and at the same time things have become very easy and convenient. New technologies have been invented to provide people every type of comfort they want. In this modern era, many new devices have come to existence such as laptops, mobile phones, tablet PCs, and smart televisions
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We implement the SEO techniques in our Perfect Responsive Web Design (PRWD).  Day after day, the search engines are getting very smart and they know how to figure out the connection of mobile websites with the desktop ones. Search Engines bring the responsive website on the top of their pages.

We implement the most famous feature of User Friendly in our Perfect Responsive Web Design (PRWD). This is because your website can be vied on any device of any screen size. Today, there is a huge competition on the invention of technologies and daily a number of smartphones come to the market. Therefore, if you have a best responsive web design, then people will have the opportunity to visit your website which is very beneficial to increase the number of your website viewers.

Our Best Responsive web design gives users, a very smooth and optimized experience on the device they have in their hands.

With the help of our Perfect Responsive Web Design (PRWD), you just have to update the information on your website once. This will definitely decrease your efforts which you do to update different versions of  your website.

Services we offers

Seven Skills aims to provide ultimate customer satisfaction while keeping in mind to maintain international quality with the help of national and international level consultants and best resource persons and experts of their domains.

Professional Training Services (PTS) Web Development Services Software Solutions

Professional Training Services (PTS)

Pakistan is one of the fastest growing economies in South Asia. However, to stand among the world’s leading economies, it is very important to strengthen the human resources with proper training, skill set and development techniques. In this highly competitive era, companies are utilizing their resources in most productive manner and to make it possible, they are taking the help of experienced corporate trainers. Seven Skills is offering Professional Trainings, certification and consulting services for individuals and Organizations. We also offer coaching and mentoring services to individuals to achieve their target job. You can select the training/workshop that suits your requirement or can ask us to get opinion of or our expert trainers / consultants.  We offer training that can be helpful in your current job and improve your candidacy for your new dream job. It is the time to plan and get registered for our upcoming trainings and workshops.

We offers;

  • Pre Scheduled Trainings
  • Online Trainings
  • On demand onsite Trainings
  • Individual mentoring & coaching

Web Development Services


Seven Skills is the leading Information & Communications Technology (ICT) Company. We have our main office in Islamabad Pakistan and branch offices in Glasgow and New York. We offers quality web design and web development services to our clients. Our work speaks for us . . . . We have experienced, trained and qualified team of web developers.

We have in-house web development expertise on the following tools:

  •  GIMP
  •  InkScape
  •  JQuery
  •  PHP
  •  Joomla, Word Press CMS

Software Solutions

Seven Skills offers almost all type of software development based on our customers’ requirement. We are one of the prominent software development firms in Pakistan. We provides software consultancy, software development and maintenance services to our clients across the world. We also provide professionals to maintain client applications and to update contents.

Our proactive approach is the way out to complete the projects on time. We believe in “Our clients are our worth” by providing them end-to-end complete solutions and we ensure quality through our best practices.

We have following in-house expertise:

Client Side Development

  • Visual C++
  • Visual BASIC
  • .NWT


Server Side Development

  • GCC
  • PHP
  • PERL



  • MySQL
  • XML

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